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HWY #2 Landscaping in Trenton and Quinte West.
HWY #2 Landscaping in Trenton and Quinte West.
HWY #2 Landscaping in Trenton and Quinte West.


Hwy #2 Landscaping has an extensive range of construction aggregates, gravel and crushed stone for your landscape projects. Whether you're looking to cover your garden pathway, a driveway or walkway, our extensive selection of materials ensure that we have the right materials for you!

The materials used in landscaping depend on which of the two types of landscaping one is engaging in: hard landscaping or soft landscaping. Hard landscaping involves solid construction materials used to redesign an outdoor area, and includes driveways and patios, walls, driveways, paths, gazebos, decks, and fences. Soft landscaping involves the planting of vegetation, including trees, flower beds, gardens, and shrubs and topiaries.

At Hwy #2 Landscaping we have tons of building materials in stock from sand to gravel to boulders. Starting with the finest grained sand and broken stone to larger sized landscape rock. If you are looking for an affordable landscaping material - give us a call.

Deliveries Available or Load in the yard.

top soil
triple mix
mushroom compost
wood chips
morter sand
inter-locking bricks
large rocks & boulders

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